Acrocanthosaurus atokensis

Scale 1:10
L 1400, H 400, W 180 mm (anticipated)
Original sculpt from two-part epoxy putty
 Work in progress


Acrocanthosaurus atokensis is relatively new to science (Stovall and Langston, 1950). Currently classified as a larger relative of Allosaurus, it has a fantastic skeleton characterized by vertebrae with very tall neural spines and a handsome skull.

There's limited reference material so I'll make what I can available here.

The uniquely tall verts of Acrocanthosaurus makes for an exciting skeleton. However, many fleshed-out life reconstructions look awkward. See what you think


With this project I'm attempting a one tenth scale bone-by-bone skeleton reconstruction. For many bones there are only partial fossil remains. Missing parts of the skeleton will be reconstructed to scale using comparative anatomy, drawing heavily on Allosaurus and similar theropods.

I'll break the project down into sections; skull, neck, back, arms, pelvis, legs, and tail. I plan to present progress on each separatly (progress links will be added to the top of this page).


Acrocanthosaurus is known from partial remains of only four specimens:

1. OMNH10146: (holotype) ~20% complete
    (= MUO8-0-S9 of Stovall & Langston 1950)

2. OMNH10147: (paratype) ~10% complete
    (= MUO8-0-S8 of Stovall & Langston 1950)

3. SMU74646: ~70% complete (Harris 1998)

4. OMNH10168 (“Fran”): <70% complete
    (Currie & Carpenter 2000)