If you're interested in purchasing a Bruce Mohn skeleton reconstruction contact him directly for current prices and shipping options:

Bruce J. Mohn
Scientific & Artistic Services
2522 Lexington Court
Jackson, NJ 08527



”Only the pterosaurs (Pterodactylus  and Rhamphorhynchus) are currently in production, but if sufficient interest was shown, the Compsognathus and Archaeopteryx skeletons would be offered again.

All of my skeletons are based on sculpted replicas of original bones. These are produced after being thoroughly researched and are vetted by experts. Most of the skeletons are bone-for-bone replicas and can be mounted in any position that the real animal could assume in life.

Skeletons are offered as completed kits (painted and mounted skeletons only requiring the limbs, tails and skulls to be glued in place) or as raw kits (unprepped castings that need to have flash removed and voids filled).

”Raw is here defined as uncleaned, unrepaired, and unprepared. The best quality castings will be provided, but the buyer can expect some voids, bubbles and missing teeth. Filling, sculpting and finishing of surfaces will be necessary to complete the kit.

Raw kits are not for entry-level modelers. An illustrated instruction manual is provided, but assembling these skeletons does require a knowledge of anatomy, sculpting skills and experience working with resin. Thinner bones require drilling to insert metal supports or supports glued onto the exterior. 

Pieces are cast in white polyurethane resin.  Bases available on request.

Skulls and assorted post crania are also offered as raw or finished kits.“—Bruce