The skull of Allosaurus is well documented, although resources are scattered. The seminal skeletal reference of Madsen 1976 (find a pdf here) only partially documents the skull.
Shown here are my collected skull images that were referenced in the production of the BrantWorks Allosaurus skeleton.

Modified Madsen illustrations

Lateral view. Internal structures have been removed as they were approximate only and not fully described at the time of the original illustration. Scleral (eye) rings were added after personal communication with Mark Loewen.
Dorsal view (upper), ventral view (lower)

 Useful Photos

Beautiful mounted cast. I don't know the origin of this image but it's well worth studying.

 Occiput of Allosaurus (MOR 693). Kindly sent to  me by Eric Snively, modified from Multibody dynamics model of head and neck function in Allosaurus, Snively, Cotton, Ridgely, Witmer; Palaeontologica Electronica. This is the only image I could source of the skull viewed from behind. Although distorted during fossilization it is an important view omitted from Madsen 1976 .


Plan views of the braincase modified from Anatomy and Kenesis of the Allosaurus Skull, B.K. McClellend, Masters Thesis, 1990. Based on one subadult individual (UUVP 5961), it is one of the finest and least distorted dinosaur braincases yet discovered and the first to be described for Allosaurus.

Dorsal View
Anterior View
Lateral View
Ventral View
Occipital View


Articulated dorsal view

Other Elements

Exploded lateral view of left squamosaal, quadrate, and quadratojugal showing interlocking surfaces. Modified from Anatomy and Kenesis of the Allosaurus Skull, B.K. McClellend, Masters Thesis, 1990.


If you have additional images resources or can correct or improve upon the information here I'd be very pleased to hear from you. Please contact me.