Progress photos (Jan. 2010) of my original Futabasaurus model alongside a partially recast version with a longer neck. Both are still raw undetailed resin. I extended the neck of the recast as I plan to rebuild the model as an Elasmosaurus platyurus; the original elasmosaur and still the animal with the world's longest recorded neck (having 72 vertebrae). To complete an accurate model the skull, chest and pelvic bones must be remade.

For Futubasaurus, the exact number of vertebrae in is unknown but likely to be about 60 to conform with other similar species.

Progress photos (Nov. 2009) of my own
model, assembled but not yet detailed or
painted. All parts have been joined with
brass connectors for easy disassembly.
The neck has been straightened compared
to the original model.
Photos taken with my original iPhone 3.

Photos kindly supplied by John Carlson of a
build-up commissioned for his company
Monstrosities Inc. Neck curvature differs
from the original model.