M1 Godzilla Skeleton

H ~380, L ~500, W ~180 (mm)
Garage kit by M1 (M-Ichigo), circa 1994
Hand-cast cream resin
Edition of 400
Sculpted by Takayuki Takeya, widely regarded as a master sculptor by many collectors around the world. This was the first skeleton model of Godzilla and a great addition to any collection.

While I don't own a copy of this sculpture, it's clear the skeleton is highly interpretive (and anatomically naïve). There are parts of the sculpt that are brilliant, such as the skull with its double row of interlocking teeth (although, as is apparently traditional for Godzilla, it's mammalian in inspiration).

However, the skeleton as a whole is lacking in my opinion. For example, Godzilla's enormous tail is reduced to a thread-fine string of vertebrae, largely without the spines and chevrons needed to bulk up and support the flesh of G's huge tail. The triple-width vertebrae are fascinating. Also, many of the bones have been doubled to add interest and bulk to the form. Certainly some interesting and meticulous detailing.

With only 400 copies made and the subject being so popular and collectable, finding an example for sale is rare. A perfect example can now fetch $1,500 or thereabouts.

Most of the images below were generously sent to me by Matthias Brown (USA). His example was still in its original box complete with all of its parts and accessories (missing only the original plastic wrap around the box). Parts were photographed undisturbed in their original plastic wrap.

The remaining images and information was collected over time from the internet. If you can provide further details or images I would be very pleased to hear from you.  Please contact me.
Larger image not availble.
Larger image not availble.

Photo of a finished model (included with the kit)


Larger image not availble.

Custom printed box (parts show scale)

Larger image not availble.

Parts in original wrapping, including wooden base and brass nameplate


Single sheet bi-fold assembly instructions and numbered parts list



Brass nameplate

Detail of T-shirt graphic

Wood base