Why is Godzilla on awebsite devoted to model dinosaur skeletons? Of course he shouldn't be.

G was at least inspired by a dinosaur; a 1950's style T. rex to be precise. He also boasts back plates borrowed from Stegosaurus. So there's some qualification.

I've limited my collection to skeletons, and as it happens, there have been several sculpts of Godzilla's imagined osteology, the best of which are seen here.

There are strong traditions for representing Godzilla's bone structure which are, well, inventive. His imagined anatomy is more mammalian than saurian. Noteworthy are his skull, kneecaps, and feet (let's not forget he was originally a man in a suit)! There are also some bony appendages and processes that are unique to say the least. Regardless, it's a fascinating tradition I find irresistible…
Svelte G from the mid-1990s by Kaiyodo master sculptor hinobu Matsumura. Titled Tyrannozilla, it blends T. rex and Godzilla into something more convincing than a man in a monster outfit!
Godzilla Ghost

Sculpted by"T" (Takashi Yamawaki)
Resin Garage Kit

Cast by: T's Facto (Japan)

Godzilla Skeleton

Sculpted by Takayuki Takeya
Resin Garage Kit
Cast by M1 (Japan)

Godzilla Skull

Sculpted by Luis De La Fuente
Resin Garage Kit
Cast by Grey Zon (USA)