Triceratops prorsus  (male)

Scale 1:20
L 400, H 165, W 180 (mm)
Hand-cast polyurethane resin from silicon molds
Painted (acrylics) and stained with diluted inks

I acquired the original Kaiyodo DINOLAND kit in 2004 from GK Scale Models and Figures (Illinois, USA; now closed). It was originally imported by PDM Consulting and Development Corp, (Commack, NY), who tell me only about 40 were ever imported to the USA. One of my rarest models as reportedly only about 100 were ever made.

The skeleton is finished to resemble weathered bone. I prefer a fresher look but the weathering  does suit this rugged skeleton.

I did not pose the skeleton on two legs (as in the original kit version) but conventionally on all fours. This model was my first custom build and a steep learning-curve. Making so many modifications caused angst at the time as the kit was in mint condition (not to mention irreplaceable)! This was mitigated somewhat by the imperfect cast (see kit details). Back then I had no casting experience but in hindsight I should have somehow recast the pieces and modified those, keeping the original intact. But hindsight is a wonderful thing...

Almost very square millimetre of the model was re-worked and detailed. The spine and tail required major reshaping. The horns were curved (the originals were straight) and ribs were recurved into a dense armoured pot-belly as suggested by Dodson and others. Limb bones were separated to allow space for joint cartilage, cervical (neck) ribs were remade from scratch, etc. No glue was used and all parts are joined by brass pins so the model can be entirely disassembled; a philosophy I employ wherever possible.