Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis skull

Scale 1:1  L ~300, H ~?, W ~? (mm)
Hand-cast polyurethane resin

I don't own this model and know very little about it.
The details on this page were largely provided by Frank Galef, a friend and fellow collector. Frank sent photos of his build-up and scans of the kit instructions. Oddly, the tip of the snout looks asymmetrical when viewed from above, but otherwise it's a fine looking model.


Only 25 were made


  • Total part count unknown (all 76 teet were separate elements)
  • 3 pages of instructions
  • Color photo of finished model
  • Water slide decal
  • No box or custom packaging
  • No mounting hardware (wood base available by request)

Scan of an original Wiccart photo print included in kit
(a kind gift from the collection of Horst Brukmann)



Scans of the instructions kindly provided by SiaoMouse (Singapore)


Prehistoric Times
Wiccart has released their Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis skull model. This beautifully done 1:1 scale kit is a foot long representation of the skull of this earliest of dinosaur predators. This guy sported some 76 nasty looking teeth and with Wiccart's model, you get to insert each and every one.

— Issue #14, September–October 1995


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