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Steve still has some items available for sale on a first-come,
first serve basis. Email Steve if you're interested.
Wiccart was set up by Steve Harvey to promote and distribute his paleontological skull and skeleton reconstructions. Steve picked subjects according to the availability of good illustrated reference material. This is what most attracts me to Wiccart models; that Steve made every attempt to get his sculpts in line with the literature. Sadly, Wiccart closed its doors on December 31 2000. Only 25 copies of each model were made so original Wiccart kits are now nearly impossible to find.

Steve's sculpting style is unusual and his models have an almost surreal look. This is largely because he was aiming to achieve idealized fresh-bone reconstructions. His models typically highlight suture lines on a very smooth surface finish and delicate internal details are sculpted wherever possible. All his models were offered in kit form or completed (assembled and painted).

Every Wiccart kit (except a life model of a Dunkleosteus) is listed below in the order they were released. Click links for details.

Rhamphorhynchus muensteri skeleton

Scale 1:1

The only full skeletal model to be completed.

Skull  available separately.

Riojasuchus tenuiceps skull

Scale 1:2

This model was not described on the Wiccart website.

Of all the Wiccart skull models it's my favorite.

Platecarpus ictericus skull

Scale 1:4 (approx)

Considered by Steve Harvey (the sculptor) to be his best work.

Oviraptor philoceratops skull

Scale 1:2 (approx)

Deinonychus antirrhopus  (Skull &partial skeleton)

Scale 1:3

The full skeleton was never completed for sale; only the left pes (foot), manus (hand) and skull were produced as separate kits