Wonderful feature from a Japanese "mook" (i.e. part magazine, part book). It's clear from the article that all the skeletons and skulls in the Kaiyodo DINOLAND series were made by Shigeru Yamazaki, finally connecting a name and face to these rare and enigmatic models.

In the article, Shigeru takes us step-by-step through the process of sculpting a miniature skeleton using Stegosaurus as the example. To aid interpretation I've added comments in English which may not match the original Japanese text (a translation was not available). Where possible, the original Japanese text has been retained with each photo.

All images were provided by Zhenghao Chen, who kindly offered to help me track down more information on the Kaiyodo kits. Photos have been restored and reinterpreted for web viewing. Publication details are unknown.


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